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LED Screen

P0.93 P1.25 P1.56 P1.87 Ultra Slim Small Pixel Pitch LED Wall

Brand name:USER

Pixel Pitch(mm):0.93mm/1.25mm/1.56mm/1.87mm

Model No:K0.93/K1.25/K1.56/K1.87

Lamp face protection level:IP40


Lifespan (hours):60000(H)


Use:advertising publish, retail store, shopping mall


Function Features

The significant development of encapsulation technology on small-size LED enables small pixel pitch LED display showing seamless 2K, 4K, even 8K resolution. Small pixel pitch LED display is now occupying a crucial role in the whole display industry than LCDs.

Ultra Slim & Lightweight Design

600×337.5mm Size Cabinet

16:9 Golden Ratio Design with 600*337.5mm dimension

Totally Cable-less Design

Totally Front maintenance

Fine-Pixel Pitch LED display T series 600X337.5mm indoor fixed installation, perfect desgin, front service for LED power supply, cards and modules, ultra lightweight, magnesium alloy cabinet designs upport variety of installation methods, high refresh rate, high contrast ratio high grayscale. Large viewing angle,160°super wide

horizontal and vertical viewing. Perfect cabinet design, two color cabinets are available. Seamless splicing design with fast locks and simplicity internalwiring, has no gaps and the LED screen is ultra highflatness.


As China’s monitoring technology and data collection capabilities have been improved to a certain extent, it is very important for the display terminal to

accurately display the collected data on the display wall in a timely manner. In order to meet the needs of the market, the display terminal technicians improved

the existing technology and made it develop in the direction of seamless and high-definition. Small pixel pitch LED display came into being.

Ultra High-resolution Pitches

Small pixel pitches options: 0.9/1.25, for fit for various applications. Smaller pixel spacing LED screen,

with high density display characteristics, suitable for close viewing, does not produce graininess.

High Precision Die-casting Aluminum Cabinet

Flat and Slim, lightweight only 6kg for each panel. Quick lockand compatible connection.

Front Installation and Service

Modules for ease of installation and service. Front Maintenance accessible, easy to affix to most wall surfaces.

Wide Display Angle

Full RGB color produce vivid pictures.178°super wide horizontal and verticalviewing allow for maximum

audience engagement in short viewing distances.

High Refresh Rate

A high refresh rate of 3,840Hz assures the smooth playback of content. The flicker-free image prevents

the black bars that occur from video shooting, ensure the clarity smoothness of every frame of

the picture, providing the best visual effect.

Ultra Slim Small Pixel Pitch LED Wall Application

Ultra high resolution Fine-pixel LED Wall widely reoognized as the current best media solution to deliver the uiltimate

visual performance for traditional market segments like monitor roomcontrol room, boardroom, and TV studio. The market

share of fine pitch LED display in these segments is increasing fastbecause of these great features.