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Our Case

Our Case

Classic Projects

USER case has received unanimous approval from customers around the world

Japan exhibition

Indoor P3.91 rental LED display 4*2.5m with floor stand

mexico hotel

Indoor P1.86mm LED poster

iran studio

Indoor P2.5 LED display 8.32x2.88m


P2.0 Indoor LED display (5.44 meters in length and 3.04 meters in heigh)

Meeting Room

P1.86 indoor LED screen (length 6.08 meters, height 1.92 meters)

Data center

P2.0 Flexible LED display screen 30 square meters

Sri Lanka Stage activities

P2 LED display screen for indoor stage rental(200 square meters)

Malaysia International Exhibition

P2.5 indoor LED display screen 246 square meters

Company Exhibition Hall

P2 irregular screen OPPO headquarters in Gurgaon, India

Italian Gymnasium

P16 Outdoor led screen Double columns (87 square meters)

Sports events

Perth Stadium, Australia P10 Outdoor LED display (90 square meters)

Colombia Outdoor square

P20 Outdoor square LED display screen, totaling 95 square meters

Higher education institutions

P1.875 Indoor LED display screen 35 square meters

Vietnam Airport

P2 indoor LED display screen 24 square meters

International Hotel Conference Hall

P2.5 Full color LED display screen(40 square meters), one main and two sets

Gas station

P2 High Brush LED Display Screen Complete Overall Solution

Power grid

P2.5 Full color LED display screen

Communication University

Stage LED display screen, one main and two sets, totaling 80 square meters

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Shenzhen USER Special Display Technologies Co., Ltd. was established in 2008. It is a High-tech enterprise manufacturing full series LED display .We have a modern factory more than 10,000 square meters in Baoan District, Shenzhen. We have a number of international-level LED display auto-production lines covering product design, SMT, module assembly, sheet metal processing, and aging testing, which can meet the needs of large-scale OEM/ODM, and customization for different customers.