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LED Screen

P1.875 P1.56 P1.25 COB Shelf LED Display

Brand name:USER

Pixel Pitch (mm):P1.875/P1.56/P1.25

IP Rating:IP40


Lifespan (hours):60000(H)


Use:advertising publish, retail store, shopping mall


Function Features

Excellent Quality and Simple Control.
Bright color, life like Synchronous /asynchronous control, support multiple input modes
Ultrahigh reliability and stability.
Longer life span and lower pixel failure, the truly zero-maintenance LED greatly reduce the care and use cost.
Three Size Selections.
Flexible Splicing, Suitable for All Kinds of Shelves Light and Slim, Easy To Install.
Various sizes can be adjusted according to customer needs.
Excellent Protective Performance.
Anti-collision, anti-vibration, moisture-proof, waterproof dust-proof, anti-static, and it’s safe to use in any environment.

This product is a synchronous and asynchronous control display, which can be debugged, uploaded, edited, etc. through USB, WIFI, 4G, and network ports. The screen adopts COB packaging technology, which is different from the traditional SMD surface mount packaging. It integrates the light-emitting chips into the PCB board instead of soldering them to the PCB one by one. This technology effectively improves the reliability, luminous color, and protective performance of the LED display.