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LED Screen

P2.6 P2.97 P3.91 Indoor Rental LED Display

Brand: USER

Pixel Pitch(mm): 2.60mm/2.97mm/3.91mm

Model: ZCI2.60/ZCI2.97/ZCI3.91

Brightness: 600-1000nits

Lamp face protection level:IP40

Packaging method: 60000 hours

Application: Indoor

Use: advertising publish, retail store, shopping mall


Function Features

250x250mm module, ZCI2.60, ZCI2.97 and ZCI3.91 models are optional.

500x500mm, 500x1000mm size die-casting aluminum alloy material, stable structure, easy to dismantle; Easy to replace.

The box handle has a lock function, which has a high safety factor and meets the needs of one-person and one-hand installation, saving time and effort.

Foldable anti-collision corners are added to the four corners of the box to effectively protect the edge lamp beads and modules.

High-end large-chip pure black lamp beads are used to achieve ultra-high contrast, high grayscale, non-destructive refresh, and grayscale; optional arc shaped cabinets can truly achieve seamless arc-shaped splicing. Special shaped installation, suitable for different rental occasions.

Excellent sharp colors rendering series, cabinet sizes: 500x500mm, 500x1000mm, using pure black SMD, famous brand driving IC, 3840Hz refresh rate, splicing inner and outer arch is adjustable, compact & humanized design ensure easy assembly and dismantle, cabinet surface using anodized coating technology & anti-oxidation treatment, which is resistant to collision and friction and is suitable for multiple installations and removals during the rental process.