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What are the application areas of LED flexible screens

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Introduction: LED flexible screens have been applied in many fields due to their special performance and wide adaptability,such as:

1. Indoor display: LED flexible screen has strong display effect, plasticity and creativity, and is often used in various indoor displays. For example, in museums, exhibition halls, shopping malls and other places, it is used as a device for displaying pictures.

2. Appearance advertisement: LED flexible screen advertisements have high flexibility, and can display appropriate pictures and effects according to the theme of the advertisement. Flexible LED screens can adapt to any shape of site and requirements, and are very suitable for displaying advertisements on building facades, walls, windows, and indoor and outdoor spaces of various venues.

3. Stage performance: Due to the excellent plasticity and creativity of the LED flexible screen, it can be spliced into a huge background wall in concerts, concerts, movie theaters and other occasions to create shocking visual effects and is widely used in stage performances .

4. Public places: In public places, such as airports, subway stations, exhibition halls, stadiums, etc., LED flexible screens can be used as a medium for advertising, information release, and guidance. In short, due to its high plasticity and wide adaptability, LED flexible screens have broad application prospects in indoor, outdoor, stage, advertising and other fields.

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