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LED Screen

P2.5 P3 P4 Common Cathode Outdoor Full Color LED Display

Brand: USER

Pixel Pitch(mm): 2.50mm/3.076mm/4.0mm


Brightness: 4000-4500nits

Lamp face protection level:IP65

Packaging method: 60000 hours

Application: Outdoor

Use: advertising publish, retail store, shopping mall


Product Introduction

Common Cathode with Energy-Saving

Common cathode is an energy-saving power supply technology for LED display, which can effectively solve the problems of high screen temperature and excessive power consumption of common anode circuit. the average

temperature of the panel of the common cathode circuit is 15℃ lower than that of the traditional common anode circuit,and the power consumption is reduced by more than 20%.

Four-level energy-saving technology

Class I dynamic energy saving: when the signal is not displayed, turn off the driving circuit of the constant current tube chip;

Level II black screen energy saving: when the display screen is completely black, the static consumption current of the chip drops from 6mA to 0.6mA;

Level III full-screen energy saving: when the low level is maintained for 300ms, the static consumption current of the chip drops from 6mA to 0.5mA;

Class IV shunt power supply and step-down energy saving: the current first passes through the lamp bead, and then goes to the negative electrode of the IC, so that the forward voltage drop becomes smaller and the on-resistance becomes smaller.

High Refreshing, High Grayscale.

Its refreshing ratio can be up to 3840Hz, grayscale is up to 16bit, picture display is lifelike, smooth, brightness is stable and even, no flicker, no “particle” sense.

Stable and high protection

Outdoor application products, IP65 protection grade, low power consumption, low temperature rise, flame retardant and fireproof, good heat dissipation effect, no need to install air conditioners.

Reasonable structure design

98304 stainless steel electroplating screws, better flatness, no modularization, standard hole position of general box;

Safe and easy to maintain

Low-voltage switching, support live plugging, easy to replace unit modules, rear Maintenance, fast and convenient.