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How to choose one of our structures for your LED Screen?

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When thinking about incorporating a LED screen into your church, we understand that many questions may arise: where would you place it? Will it look good in your temple? How is the process? Is it necessary to make a construction work to mount a screen?

Thanks to our experience in churches, we are known for making this task simple, since our team will advise you on the best available option and will be in charge of assembling the necessary structure. That’s why when we say “turnkey system”, we mean it! All our products come to you, ready to use.

But… What are structures?

LED screens are “supported” by structures that we plan and customize for each customer and space. Within our structures, 3 types stand out:

Floor structure:

These are structures designed according to the space where the screen will be placed, for example, on a stage. These wooden structures that support your LED screen are made with first-class materials, ensuring durability.

Hanging structure:

We suggest this option when the architecture of the place provides a fixed structure that allows the installation, for example, a ceiling beam.

It can be used for any screen size. The installation is very simple and adapts according to the weight.

Walled structure:

Our team of installers assess the wall conditions and determine if it is viable to build a wooden structure that holds the LED screen against the wall or a few centimeters away. It is important to note that the screens are made up of panels that allow “front service”, so maintenance is very simple!

Our structures for LED screens stand out for being practical and versatile. The options for your Church are endless! Look at our work gallery.

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