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Four links that need attention in LED display assembly and connection

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The most important part of an LED display is the connection. Once a connection is not good, the following work will not work properly. Only with a thorough understanding of this knowledge, the LED display will be safer and the effect will be better, because this is related to the brightness and power of the LED display.

The cost of a single package of high-power brightness LED is high, and the target The power of a practical single-brightness LED display is very small. Therefore, it is necessary to arrange and combine multiple LED display screens here. On the one hand, it can meet the application requirements of large range, high brightness, dynamic display, color change, etc., and on the other hand, it can meet the requirements of a driver matching LED . So what are the connection methods for LED electronic displays? Here I have summarized four connection forms for LED display screens.

  1. Cross array: The main purpose of the cross array is to better improve the reliability of the LED display and reduce its failure.
  2. Series form: Generally, the LEDs in the simple series form will be connected end to end, and the current flowing through the LED display screen will be relatively equal when it is working.
  3. Mixed connection form: the combination of the advantages proposed by the intersection and series of the appeal theory. It also includes 2 types. One is the mixed connection method of first array and then array, and the other is the mixed connection method of first array and then serial.
  4. Overall parallel connection form: one is simple parallel connection, and the other is independent matching parallel connection. In the simple parallel mode, the LEDs are connected end to end in parallel, and the voltage on each LED is equal during operation. This kind of reliability will not be too high, but it also adopts an independent matching parallel form for this kind of problem, which has a good effect of driving, and the protection of a single LED display is relatively complete. When a fault occurs, it will not affect other work and can be matched with Relatively large differences and other related characteristics.

To sum up, the above shows a variety of LED display connection methods, and each step is not allowed to have connection errors, so this is something that engineers and technicians must understand. Each of the above connection forms has its own characteristics. The advantages and disadvantages of where you are, specific problems and specific analysis, and finally find the form that suits you to connect to the LED display. Many engineers and technicians often ignore this point, leading to variou犀利士
s problems in the LED display screen, and finally making customers lose confidence in the company. From this lesson, it can be seen that a small detail determines success or failure, so in terms of LED display technology, the majority of LED display manufacturers are required to be precise and meticulous. I believe that as long as each company does its own step, customers will definitely A steady stream.

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