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Why can’t the indoor LED display be used outdoors

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With the changes of the times, the use of led displays is becoming more and more widespread, from shopping malls to corporate meeting rooms. Then the question arises, can indoor LED displays be used outdoors, why not , What is the reason for not being able to use it?

1. Viewing distance limitation. The indoor LED display requires a short viewing distance, the models are generally p2.5, P3, P4, P5, P6, so the area is generally not large, within 30 square meters, while the outdoor LED display requires a long viewing distance, the model is generally ph8, P10, P16, P20, etc., so it is determined that its area is large, generally more than 30 square.

2. Restrictions on waterproofing. The indoor screen structure requires no waterproof or simple waterproof treatment, and the outdoor LED full-color display has high waterproof requirements. During production, the cables and the cabinet are waterproofed, so the requirements on the cabinet structure itself are Differences.

3. Restrictions on brightness. The

as low brightness requirements. It uses a dynamic scanning circuit, and the outdoor screen has a high brightness for a high level. It is a static scanning circuit. The hardware difference between the two is large. In fact, dynamic scanning is used to save hardware costs. The number of driver chips used is more than ten times different, which determines that the brightness of the indoor LED full-color display is relatively low, generally about 1500cd/㎡, only suitable for indoor use. The general brightness of the outdoor led display is required to be more than 4500 cd/㎡. If this brightness is not reached, the content displayed on the display is basically not visible during the day. In short, indoor LED screen and outdoor LED The full-color display is different in terms of brightness, waterproof treatment, and model selection, resulting in different hardware at the beginning of production, such as raw materials, accessories, and cabinets. Therefore, it is not easy to change, and it will only be worth the loss.

After explaining this article, I believe you have an answer to this question.

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