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What Are the Characteristics of Flexible LED Display?

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With the rapid development of LED display technology, not only small-pitch LED series, but also ultra-thin flexible LED displays have been introduced in recent years, which have been widely used in more applications.

Flexible LED displays, also known as LED soft screens, possess a unique bendable design that allows them to be bent at a certain angle without damage. Unlike ordinary LED displays, their circuit board is made of a special flexible material that will not break due to bending. This feature enables them to be mainly used in some cylindrical shapes, semicircles, ellipses, exhibition halls, shopping malls, and other special occasions.

Flexible LED Display

Splicing Flexibility
One of the main features of flexible LED displays is their splicing flexibility. They are easy to bend and can be folded at 120 degrees, making it easy to achieve curved splicing. Compared with the LED film screen, they can realize various installation methods such as floor installation, hanging installation, embedded installation, and more, which are less restricted by the installation area. As a result, they have a wide range of applications and can realize the installation of various exquisite and creative customized LED displays.

Eye Protection Technology
Another key feature of flexible LED displays is their anti-blue light function, which can effectively prevent harmful blue light from harming the eyes and avoid visual fatigue caused by facing the display screen for a long time. This function is especially important in environments such as exhibition halls and shopping mall centers, where people will watch the content played on the display for a long time and at close range.

Technical Specifications
Flexible LED displays come in various sizes and specifications, including P1.25/P1.579/P1.667/P1.875/P2/P2.5/P3/P4. They have high flexibility, flexible splicing, and high density. It truly realizes seamless splicing, effectively reducing the interference of visual gaps, and the picture display is complete and coherent, making it more suitable for indoor installation. When viewed at close range, they can also be displayed in high-definition with a refresh rate of up to 3840Hz. The extremely fast response eliminates image afterimages, making the screen playback more delicate and smooth and viewing more comfortable. The intelligent module design saves recalibration time. The picture has a high degree of restoration, the gray scale is excessively smooth, and the texture processing is clear.

Soft Module Design
Flexible LED displays have a unique sof犀利士
t module design that sets them apart from traditional LED displays. The PCB board of the flexible LED display is made of flexible soft board, and the mask/bottom shell is made of high-quality silicone material, which makes the module softer. The bending arc is ≤145°, and the viewing angle is as high as 140°, making them suitable for the stage background, exhibition halls, indoor conference rooms, and other curved flexible displays. This design helps to improve the environment and create a special visual atmosphere.

Applications in Large-Screen Displays
Flexible LED displays are widely used in high-end large-screen display fields indoors, such as corporate exhibition halls, big data display, conference rooms, command centers, TV stations, and more. With their high stability, high refresh rate, high contrast, and other advantages, they are an ideal choice for creating stunning visual experiences.

Creative Special-Shaped Screens
Compared with traditional LED displays, flexible LED displays are lighter and thinner overall. They are more convenient to install and use and can be spliced into curved screens, cylinders, curved surfaces, and other shapes of display screens, greatly enriching and improving the expression forms of special-shaped screens. This feature provides an important display element for the creative display of the LED display. With the increasing enrichment of people’s lives and the demand for various landscape creations, coupled with the development of emerging technologies

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