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LED Screen

P2.52/P3.96/P7.9-7.81 Transparent LED Display

Brand name:USER


Module Size:500mm x 125mm

Cabinet Size:1000mm x 500mm


Refresh Rate:1920Hz


Function Features

Five characteristics: light, thin, transparent, bright,

All-aluminum structure, simple appearance, quick installation , simple appearance, quick installation Screen weight: 7-15KG/M.

The construction in the glass curtain wall is simple, safe and easy to maintain.

It can be installed in the glass gap within 5CM, and the local thickness of the product is less than 1CM.

The highest light transmittance of 78% will not affect indoor daylighting.


Extremely slow brightness decay.

Size can be customized to blend perfectly with the glass curtain wall and architectural dimensions.

Front & back maintenance can be selected arbitrarily, and products can be selected according to application occasions.

The transparent screen saves more than 70% energy than the traditional screen.

Good heat-dissipation, conducive to long-term continuous work, strong stability.

LED Transparent Fixed Display, is an LED Display device, used to display media content,that is installed behind a glass surface and allows the audience to be still able to see through it. With a elegant, clean and thin metal structure, it can cover any size of glass surface you might have in mind, giving it a holographic-like visual effect that will draw the attention of anyone passing by.