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Indoor LED Display vs. Outdoor LED Display

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There are two types of LED displays and several differences between them. An indoor LED screen differs from outdoor LED screens in size. Larger LED displays are generally used for festivals, highway banners, and arenas. You’ll find a smaller indoor LED display screen in malls, restaurants, places of worship, and retail stores. When planning to purchase the best LED display for your business, knowing the differences between outdoor LED screens and an indoor LED screen can have a significant impact on your bottom line. Here are a few more important details to consider about the differences in LED displays. 

Brightness – One of the most noticeable differences of LED displays is brightness. An LED outdoor display is much brighter because it is exposed to the sun. When light is reflected or not managed properly on an LED display, the impact is significantly decreased. Since clarity is one of the main advantages of using LED displays, higher pixel density allows for close viewing. Outdoor LED screens are best for distance viewing because they contain low pixel density. 

Cost – The raw materials used to manufacture LED displays can vary greatly. Costs associated with size and point screen spacing can increase dramatically. Point screen spacing refers to the number of bulbs required to achieve the desired effect. The smaller the distance, the more bulbs are needed. Larger screens and more bulbs can make an indoor LED screen or an outdoor LED display more expensive. 

Conditions – LED displays are manufactured to withstand different conditions. An outdoor LED display is built to withstand extreme weather conditions like rain, high heat, consistent sun, and dust. A typical outdoor LED display has IP65 waterproof levels compared to an indoor LED display screen at IP20 waterproof levels. Outdoor displays are made to withstand extreme sun and lightning while resistant to leaks for specific geographical locations. Indoor displays do not need such features. 

Resolution – The greater the resolution, the greater the LED display quality. LED displays are notorious for great resolution and an indoor LED display screen generally has the highest of the two for closer viewing. Outdoor LED screens have more pixel pitch resolution and lower resolution for viewing at greater distances.
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