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How To Maintain The LED Screen During The Heavy Rain

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Every year in May is the Rainy season in South China. At the beginning of this week, the meteorological bureaus of South China had released the warning of thunderstorms and gale to remind all units to do flood prevention work in advance. Then how can we prevent our LED screen from damaging by the heavy rain in summer?

1. Moisture-proof

All the LED screens, including indoor and outdoor, have a standard operating humidity. The Industry standard is usually 10% -60% relative humidity. User strictly controls the quality of the products. The operating humidity of our outdoor LED screens can reach 85%; especially our outdoor rental LED screen can reach an operating humidity of 90%, which can resist the extremely humid environment.

2. Waterproof

Like all the electronic products, the LED screens also need to waterproof. Normally, the outdoor LED screens have an IP rating. You don’t need to afraid of the screens, even in heavy rain. It is worth noting that you can not immerse the LED screens in water, which will cause the circuit to burn out.

3. Prevent falling

There were still some news report that the LED screens or accessories fall down and hurt people during the thunderstorm and stormy weather. Therefore, it is important to choose a professional team to install the screen. In addition, adding some safe rope for every module is necessary. When using the LED screen, please remember to check the installation structure regularly. User provides one-station of LED screens installation service and chooses the high standard installation structure, which can effectively reduce the risk of screen falling.

4. Lightning protection

Lightning is harmful to almost all the electronic machines, including the LED screen. Some effective measures should be taking action when using the outdoor LED screen. A lightning rod and other lightning protection devices are necessary. In addition, the cabinet of the outdoor LED screen should connect with the ground line; the power cable and signal line also need to equipped with the lightning protector.

If you have done the above four points, you still need to use the LED screen reasonable during the thunderstorm and stormy weather.

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