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How to clean outdoor LED display screen?

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Led display screen needs to be cleaned before and after installation, which is a very important link, which can prevent led display screen from unclear phenomenon, mosaic phenomenon and color deviation when black screen. Dust and other sundries will accumulate after the display screen has been operated for a certain period of time. Regular cleaning and maintenance of led display screen can prolong the service life of led display screen and improve the quality of led display screen. Therefore, the cleaning of led display screen is particularly important both before and after installation.

Here are some ways to clean outdoor LED display screen:

  1. Cleaning of semi-finished products of LED module.
    When the LED module is only a semi-finished product without a kit, the LED module needs to be cleaned with special washing water, and then brushed with a brush to accelerate the dissolution of rosin and the shedding of flux to remove dust and impurities. This step of cleaning is completed by the manufacturer.
  2. Cleaning of LED display screen after installation.
    LED electronic display screen installation shows that there will be dust and impurities accumulation after a period of time. In order not to affect the display effect of the display screen, it is necessary to clean the surface of the led display screen with clean water or clean water to remove different types of dirt. Note that the surface of the led display screen can only be cleaned, and special care should be taken when cleaning, not to get the cleaning water to the back of the LED module. When this step of cleaning can be carried out by the manufacturer for after-sales maintenance.
    Carry out, or it can be cleaned by the customer.
  3. Cleaning agents and special equipment for outdoor led display screen cleaning.
  4. Led display cleaner: it has the advantages of environmental protection, dust removal, no damage screen and so on, and is the best choice to replace chemical cleaners.
    2. Led screen repair agent: this product has multi-function. That is, the double functions of glazing and repair to make the led display screen as bright as new. At the same time, it has the functions of anti-static, dustproof and anti-rust. Floating dust is very easy to lose, and its luster remains the same when it comes to water. The PH value of the product is 7.5, so there is no damage to the body of the led screen.
    3. Special tools: sprayer, pneumatic brush, special brush for cleaning, etc.
    4, cleaning platform: choose to build scaffolding, steel pipe frame, gondola, aerial work vehicle can be.

D. Cleaning steps of outdoor led display screen.
1. Dust removal: that is, blowing dust. Dust blowing should be in the same direction, from left to right or from right to left. Use a professional electric brush to clean the dust or dirt on the surface of the display module. When cleaning, the pneumatic brush can be cleaned evenly, and it can be cleaned repeatedly according to the pollution degree and aging of the display screen.
2. Cleaning: use the sprayer to spray the special cleaning liquid to the surface of the module for preliminary cleaning.
3. Secondary dust removal: use a professional electric brush to clean the dust of the led display module again. Note: the brush needs to be replaced for this cleaning. Brushes can be reused but must be cleaned to avoid re-contamination.
4. Secondary cleaning: spray the special cleaning liquid to the surface of the module for re-cleaning to remove the dust left by the secondary dedusting. According to the residual dirt on the surface of the display screen, the ratio of cleaning fluid to water can be determined. If there is not much dirt, clean water can be used to spray. Keep the direction from top to bottom or from right to left.
5. Blow-drying: it can be air-dried naturally under no special circumstances, such as high humidity, low temperature and so on.
6. Repair: use the sprayer to spray the special repair liquid horizontally and evenly to the surface of the display screen for surface repair.
7. Air drying: it can be dried naturally under suitable conditions such as temperature, humidity, wind speed and so on. In the case of high temperature and humidity, air gun can be used to dry and require the air pressure to be less than 3 kg. 

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