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Advantages of SMD small pitch technology

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Small-pitch LED display have been available for many years. As the most potential competitor in large-screen displays, small-pitch LEDs have replaced some of the DLP and LCD markets, and more and more are widely used in various industries. middle. With the development of science and technology, the small pitch of commercial applications has been promoted step by step from P2.5 to P1.0 to P0.7, and companies have launched small pitch products with the smallest known performance at P0.4mm.

It depends on your design but if I wanted use a design for high frequencies, I used through hole just for power/heating parts and used SMD for the rest because SMD design can reduce inductance and resistance of component parts .Below Advantages of SMD:

1-Smaller components.

2- Much higher component density (components per unit area) and many more connections per component.

3-Lower initial cost and time of setting up for production. Fewer holes need to be drilled.

4-Simpler and faster automated assembly.

5- Small errors in component placement are corrected automatically as the surface tension of molten solder pulls components into alignment with solder pads.

6-Components can be placed on both sides of the circuit board.

7-Lower resistance and inductance at the connection; consequently, fewer unwanted RF signal effects and better and more predictable high-frequency performance.

8-Better mechanical performance under shake and vibration conditions.

9-Many SMT parts cost less than equivalent through-hole parts.

10-Better EMC compatibility (lower radiated emissions) due to the smaller radiation loop area (because of the smaller package) and the smaller lead inductance.


It is not difficult to see that most of the companies that have deployed 0.7-fine-pitch LED displays are headquartered in Shenzhen since 2023. These companies release 0.7-fine-pitch products, on the one hand, to advance the layout, on the other hand, to enter the ultra-high-definition market. As we all know, China is a major manufacturing country and the main production location of global LED displays, while Shenzhen is a concentrated area of  the LED industry chain.Welcome inquiry to USER company.
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